We know that in schools, time is a precious resource. You only have so much of it, but still want to meet the unique needs of your students. With Enriching Students®, your school can set up an automated scheduling process for your extra help and enrichment offerings, custom to your school.

Why Custom?

Why didn’t we just create an algorithm that would follow certain rules to schedule your students? For example, every student that has an F will get scheduled to that course for extra help, every day, until it’s now an F anymore. Well, because we know that every school is different. Your school logistics and the interactions you have with students cannot be replaced by an algorithm. You are the expert.

How Does it Work?

Your school sets the standards of how you want the automation to run. Who gets scheduled, why, and when. You do not need to set up lists of priorities and student assignments every day – that is handled on the back end. Once you tell us how you want it to run, it’s hands-off.

What Can We Automate?