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How can our school align with HB 4545 learning requirements?

A Guide for HB 4545

Under Texas HB 4545, it is essential for students in Texas schools in grades 3-12 to receive 30 hours of additional intervention time if they haven’t reached ‘Approaches’ in key content areas on the STARR assessment or end of course (EOC) exam,

If you are a school in Texas currently using Enriching Students® or are a school or District looking for a tool to manage intervention and enrichment time to meet these standards, here’s how we can help. Check out the articles on the right to learn how your school can align its practices to meet the HB 4545 requirements.

Your Students Are Priceless

When they don’t succeed, you suffer, the community suffers, & most of all, the students suffer.
There’s no need to roll the dice with your students’ future. Schedule time with students to give them your very best.

To give students the time they need, you also need a schedule that works.
Here are some resources we can share.


7 Features to Look For in a Flex Scheduling Tool

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