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Is MTSS the New RTI?


RTI refers to Response to Intervention – a model and plan of action to care for the academic needs of students. This model is often illustrated by a 3 tiered pyramid. The bottom represents general instruction given to all students. The middle section, or tier 2 instruction is more [...]

Is MTSS the New RTI?2020-09-01T07:06:10-04:00

How a Flex Block Goes Hand In Hand With Genius Hour


Passion is a crucial part of successful learning. Why? Because when students care about what they’re doing, their learning will improve. For one, it helps students to be more creative thinkers. They can find a purpose and gain confidence in their school experience -- something that may especially benefit otherwise [...]

How a Flex Block Goes Hand In Hand With Genius Hour2020-09-01T07:06:57-04:00

Social Emotional Learning That Works


In the stressful world that teenagers live in, it’s clear that more than just academic learning is required for true success. To deal with current and future pressure, and to learn work-life balance, students need to develop social and emotional skills. But for teachers whose days are packed with [...]

Social Emotional Learning That Works2020-09-01T07:08:04-04:00

The Benefits of Responsive Scheduling


Meeting the needs of students in a flexible, timely manner may be one of the most difficult components of personalized learning.  Students are at all different levels of learning, emotionally and academically. As a teacher, how your students learn and how quickly they process information may not go as [...]

The Benefits of Responsive Scheduling2020-09-01T07:08:47-04:00

Why Choose Enriching Students?


If you’re a school who’s currently using an activity period, or flex block, and looking to manage that time, you may be wondering what software to choose from. When it comes to managing this time, there may be a number of tools to choose from. What makes Enriching Students [...]

Why Choose Enriching Students?2020-09-01T07:12:43-04:00

Getting the Most Out of Your Activity Period


What is an 'Activity Period'? Many schools have added an 'activity period' to their daily schedule schedule. What is it? An activity period is a flexible period of time during the school day, often used for enrichment activities, or extra help. But is there more you can do with [...]

Getting the Most Out of Your Activity Period2020-09-01T07:13:27-04:00

How do students use their flex time? The survey results might surprise you.


Have you heard of Response to Intervention (RTI) or maybe Multiple Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS). How about the term 'flex block'? Many schools have implemented what's called a 'flex block' into their schedule, to make time in the school day for interventions, extra help, and more. But is this [...]

How do students use their flex time? The survey results might surprise you.2020-09-01T07:14:23-04:00

The Road to High School Dropout Starts in Middle School


In the Bronx, a 6th grade girl named Omarina finds her life falling apart. She and her mother are evicted from their apartment. Omarina and her father, who left the family when she was young, are about to be reunited when he dies of a stroke. As her mother [...]

The Road to High School Dropout Starts in Middle School2020-09-01T07:16:43-04:00

How a Daily Flexible Block Helps Personalize Learning for Secondary Students


Secondary students face a unique set of challenges. In middle school, it’s the rough transition from the comfort of elementary school to high school. For high-schoolers, as they near closer and closer to graduation, its “What am I going to do with my life?” Secondary students need help through [...]

How a Daily Flexible Block Helps Personalize Learning for Secondary Students2020-09-01T07:17:18-04:00

5 More Reasons for a Flex Block


One of our previous posts looked at 5 ways adding a flexible block to your school schedule can benefit students. But there are so many reasons; we couldn’t just stop there! Here are 5 more reasons for a Flex Block, mostly focused on how a flex block can add [...]

5 More Reasons for a Flex Block2020-09-01T07:18:30-04:00