In response to COVID-19, many schools we work with have temporarily closed to prevent the spread of the virus. We know many students, parents, and teachers are dealing with anxiety, as well as practical concerns about how to proceed with distance learning. Many schools have opted for online classes, but this, of course, brings many challenges as well. We have collected some resources that we hope will be of aid for remote learning, as well as how to help kids be educated about the virus and cope with any fear and anxiety it may bring. In addition, we have put together suggestions for how Enriching Students┬« users can communicate schedule remote sessions with the software. If you’re interested, learn more here.

Is your school considering or in the process of closure? Are you making efforts to support distance learning? Here are some concerns to address:

  • Internet access will be key for distance learning, so what will be done for students who do not have access to the internet at home
  • For many students school is a source for regular meals. How can these students be assisted when school is closed for along duration?
  • How will relationships and good communication between students and teachers be maintained?
  • What will distance learning look like in your school? Can you do a practice run-through before closure?

We encourage school districts to stay safe and try to remain positive through these challenging circumstances!

Use Enriching Students® for Remote or Distance Learning

Helping teachers to stay connected and close learning gaps in a remote setting.