Give your teachers the tools to plan, execute agendas,
meet goals, and grow as a team.

Enriching Teachers is a staff meeting agenda software. It is designed to help educators maximize the benefits of their staff teams. Create teacher, administrator, and PLC teams with ease. Build meeting agendas and send meeting notifications about time, location, and assigned roles. During your meeting, assign tasks and set goals. Assign student groups to specific teacher teams. Track your students’ needs by adding notes and comments to any team discussion. Build a strong staff community with effective collaboration.

Who can use this in your school?
  • PLC teams
  • Accelerated learning communities
  • School Committees
  • District teams
  • Department stand teams
  • School Improvement teams
Enriching Teachers Integration with Zoom

Integration with Zoom Meetings

Virtual staff meetings just got easier.

Not all staff meetings take place in person. Virtual meetings have become a part of our daily life. Enriching Teachers has made it so easy to create virtual meetings. If you have a Zoom Meetings account you can connect it to your Enriching Teachers account. Then with a click of a checkbox, you can create a Zoom Meeting while creating your staff meeting.
And the meeting notification email will include the Zoom link. That’s right the meeting link, meeting ID, and passcode. Now, how easy is that!

When you’re ready to graduate from paper
and excel sheets, look no further.

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Finally, a staff meeting agenda software designed for education teams.

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Unite your teams district-wide.

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5 Tips for successful PLC team meetings

Staff, administrative and PLC teams are the building blocks for a successful response to intervention and enrichment programs for students.

Identify students’ needs and use your flex time schedule to meet those needs.