Our Webinars

Enriching Students webinars focus on a variety of topics in education, with a focus on innovative school practices that center around meeting student needs, such as flex scheduling. Flexible learning time during the school day allows students to get the help they need from teachers, take a greater responsibility for their learning, and personalize their learning choices. Our webinars feature:

  • Innovative school models and practices
  • Interviews with school leaders from around the country
  • How to implement a FLEX period into your school schedule
  • How you can manage a flex block/period using Enriching Students software

Join us to learn more about how personalizing education is possible at the secondary level. The benefits your students will experience are well worth it!

Even if you can’t attend, we welcome you to register for our webinars. All registrees will be sent a recorded copy of the webinar, that you can watch at a time convenient for you.

Want to listen to a webinar now? Click below to watch one of our webinar recordings.