Making adjustments to your middle or high school’s traditional schedule to allow for student flexible time may seem daunting and overwhelming. Throughout the planning stages and committee meetings, you’ve probably encountered questions that you haven’t been able to find answers too. At Enriching Students, we’ve helped many schools through this process over the years through our professional development services. Making the change to your traditional school schedule to support student flex time and personalized learning will only be successful if everyone is onboard. So it’s important from the outset to make sure your process is solid. It’s at this stage where many of the initial questions arise:

  • How are going to insure all students get the help the need?
  • How often should we offer flex time?
  • How long of a time period should it be?
  • What about the lost of instruction time?
  • Isn’t flex time just a glorified study hall?
  • How can we offer enrichments?

That is just a basic sampling of the many questions we hear. The good news is, we have answers! Our professional development services can help you to answer all these questions and more. Plus, establish from the start proper school-wide procedures, guidelines and data tracking for your results.