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Using An RTI Scheduler for Intervention Periods

Enriching Students Staff2024-02-29T11:56:06-05:00

Enriching Students is an RTI scheduler that enables users to schedule intervention and enrichment sessions, take attendance, and track engagement and usage for accountability. Why use an RTI scheduler? Before we dive into that, let’s briefly talk about RTI. RTI stands for Response to Intervention. This model has proven to [...]

Using An RTI Scheduler for Intervention PeriodsEnriching Students Staff2024-02-29T11:56:06-05:00

Using Data to Provide Meaningful Interventions

Ashley Mauger2020-09-03T14:24:08-04:00

There’s this student that you’re worried about. They’ve barely shown up for class at all in the past week. And when they do, it’s hard for them to focus. You know there’s something going on at home, but you don’t know what. It’s clear that this student needs some [...]

Using Data to Provide Meaningful InterventionsAshley Mauger2020-09-03T14:24:08-04:00

NEW FEATURE: Mass Update for Student Password

Ashley Mauger2020-03-02T16:36:42-05:00

Now an admin can give all students the same password. Go to Settings, Manage Students and click the Advanced button. This will re-direct you to a page where you can manage student self scheduling, and now, set the same password for all students. This is to enable all students [...]

NEW FEATURE: Mass Update for Student PasswordAshley Mauger2020-03-02T16:36:42-05:00

NEW FEATURE: Tardy Report

Ashley Mauger2020-03-02T16:40:08-05:00

A new report is available under the Analysis page. It's found under the Attendance section and is labeled Tardy Students. This lists students that were marked as tardy for the provided date range. I will list the student's name, the date they were scheduled, the period, and course they [...]

NEW FEATURE: Tardy ReportAshley Mauger2020-03-02T16:40:08-05:00

NEW FEATURE: Manage Student Requests

Ashley Mauger2020-03-02T16:34:22-05:00

Your school may enable its students to request an appointment to see a teacher. You can view student requests on the Requests page, which you can get to by selecting Requests in the navigation logged into your Enriching Students account. In addition, if you have any new student requests, [...]

NEW FEATURE: Manage Student RequestsAshley Mauger2020-03-02T16:34:22-05:00

NEW FEATURE: Increased Course Editing Abilities

Ashley Mauger2020-01-23T05:15:53-05:00

To edit a custom course option to change the appointment type, room number, or change the ‘block self scheduling’ option, you used to have to completely re-create the course. Now, on the Courses and the Admin Adjust Courses page, you now have the ability to edit these options for [...]

NEW FEATURE: Increased Course Editing AbilitiesAshley Mauger2020-01-23T05:15:53-05:00

NEW FEATURE: Change Attendance Type Values

Ashley Mauger2020-01-23T05:16:26-05:00

When taking attendance for students, staff can select an appropriate attendance type for students, the default options being Present and Participation, Present not Participating, Absent, and sometimes Cut. We’ve added a new feature that allows admins to change attendance types values for column headers, as displayed on the Student [...]

NEW FEATURE: Change Attendance Type ValuesAshley Mauger2020-01-23T05:16:26-05:00

NEW FEATURE: Block Dates for Single Periods

Ashley Mauger2020-01-23T05:17:12-05:00

Go to Settings, and select School Calendar. Now, when blocking a date, you can select single or multiple periods if your school uses more than one Flex period. This way, if you want to block a day only for a certain period, maybe because of a school assembly during [...]

NEW FEATURE: Block Dates for Single PeriodsAshley Mauger2020-01-23T05:17:12-05:00

Why Choose Enriching Students?

Ashley Mauger2022-11-04T15:03:04-04:00

If you’re a school who’s currently using an activity period, or flex block, and looking to manage that time, you may be wondering what software to choose from. When it comes to managing this time, there may be a number of tools to choose from. What makes Enriching Students® a [...]

Why Choose Enriching Students?Ashley Mauger2022-11-04T15:03:04-04:00

Student Scheduling Software and Beyond: How to Meet the Challenges of RTI at the Secondary Level

Ashley Mauger2020-09-01T07:34:19-04:00

Schools all over the country are seeing the need to step up their game and provide students with a more personalized learning experience. In most cases, this calls for a change in the school schedule. Many schools have opted to make their schedule more flexible. Whether your school has [...]

Student Scheduling Software and Beyond: How to Meet the Challenges of RTI at the Secondary LevelAshley Mauger2020-09-01T07:34:19-04:00
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