Learn how Enriching Students® software and eSchoolPlus work hand in hand for maximized student learning opportunities.

Enriching Students® is a student scheduling software tool that helps educators give students personalized learning opportunities, enrichment, and intervention, right in the school day. Many schools are seeking ways to facilitate personalized learning, or a more competency-based model in their school. One way some have been successful is by incorporating a flexible block of time during the day — called a flex period, activity/enrichment period, extra help session, W.I.N. Time, Power Hour, and more — to help students get what they need, when they need it.

Our software is an effective tool to help manage this time, allowing teachers to schedule students to different courses, take attendance, run reports, and manage your school’s flex time effectively. We work with the eSchoolPlus® Student Information System, to ease importing and managing student information. Our goal is to give teachers the tools they need to help students, and empower students to make their own choices about their daily learning.

Import your School’s Staff, Student, and Roster data into Enriching Students®.

We use industry standards Clever® or Classlink® to import data your staff, student, and roster data into Enriching Students®. Using these tools means your data is updated within Enriching Students® on a daily basis.


Student Self-Schedule with a Mobile-Friendly Site

Support Multiple Flex Periods

Create Custom  Course Offerings

Import Your Data with Clever® or Classlink®

Even More Reasons to Love Enriching Students®!