Competency-Based Education: Rethinking Grading Practices

Ashley Mauger2024-05-13T13:10:10-04:00

Competency-based education focuses on student learning and mastery of skills, not seat time. Many schools have begun to, or have already shifted to this type of model. Students can benefit from competency-based education because it's more flexible, and ensures that they really learn a concept. It's not based on [...]

Competency-Based Education: Rethinking Grading PracticesAshley Mauger2024-05-13T13:10:10-04:00

Time for Change: Building Buy In

Ashley Mauger2020-12-19T16:31:24-05:00

Is your school thinking of adding a flex period to its schedule, but struggling to get buy-in? And how do you find time in the school day for a flexible period when your schedule is already packed? When schools are looking to make changes to their schedule, these are often [...]

Time for Change: Building Buy InAshley Mauger2020-12-19T16:31:24-05:00

Genius Hour, Reinvented

Ashley Mauger2022-05-02T09:58:40-04:00

Genius Hour isn't a new concept. Schools take roughly an hour and allow students to work on something they really want to work on. It may be easier to do this in elementary schools than middle or high schools, when students are taking so many classes, where do you [...]

Genius Hour, ReinventedAshley Mauger2022-05-02T09:58:40-04:00
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