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PLCs and Flex Time: A Strategy to Meet the Needs of All Students

Ashley Mauger2022-08-17T15:18:52-04:00

How can teachers meet the needs of all students? It may seem like a daunting task.Teachers really want to help students. But, kids all have unique interests as well as socio-emotional and academic needs. In this post we'll look at how a school that functions as a real PLC, [...]

PLCs and Flex Time: A Strategy to Meet the Needs of All StudentsAshley Mauger2022-08-17T15:18:52-04:00

Collaborating Teachers Can Transform Learning

Ashley Mauger2022-06-26T16:59:04-04:00

We all want to fit in among our peers. When we're little kids wanting to play together on the playground, when we're teens in middle school anxious for the approval of our classmates, and when we're adults out in the job force -- no one wants to feel left [...]

Collaborating Teachers Can Transform LearningAshley Mauger2022-06-26T16:59:04-04:00

Effective School Staff Meetings

Ashley Mauger2022-06-26T17:17:13-04:00

As a school administrator, how can you create effective school staff meetings? Likely, you’ve been in all kinds of meetings -- some productive and even inspiring, others...not so much. What makes a great staff meeting? We’d love to hear your thoughts! We’ve collected a list of eight things that [...]

Effective School Staff MeetingsAshley Mauger2022-06-26T17:17:13-04:00

How PLCs Facilitate Competency Ed

Ashley Mauger2022-06-26T14:44:55-04:00

"...we didn’t set out to become a competency based learning environment. We had actually simply asked the question -- building a vision mission etc. -- “What is it that we want for our learners?” and we started to build from there. And we felt like the PLC model really [...]

How PLCs Facilitate Competency EdAshley Mauger2022-06-26T14:44:55-04:00

How to Make Your Flex Time Implementation Successful

Ashley Mauger2023-08-24T13:30:31-04:00

What makes or breaks a new program at a school? Often, preparedness and having all (or most) staff onboard. All of the systems of support need to be in place. If a school is considering adding a flex period to their school schedule for extra help, intervention, remediation, enrichment, etc.; [...]

How to Make Your Flex Time Implementation SuccessfulAshley Mauger2023-08-24T13:30:31-04:00

Why PLCs are Key to Student Success

Ashley Mauger2022-06-26T14:15:00-04:00

Does your school have a Professional Learning Community? If you do, what does this look like? More importantly… Is it something you look forward to? Even if you do not have one at your school, likely you’ve heard of them. Professional Learning Communities. What are they? Is this just [...]

Why PLCs are Key to Student SuccessAshley Mauger2022-06-26T14:15:00-04:00

Is MTSS the New RTI?

Ashley Mauger2020-09-01T07:06:10-04:00

RTI refers to Response to Intervention – a model and plan of action to care for the academic needs of students. This model is often illustrated by a 3 tiered pyramid. The bottom represents general instruction given to all students. The middle section, or tier 2 instruction is more [...]

Is MTSS the New RTI?Ashley Mauger2020-09-01T07:06:10-04:00

How a Flex Block Goes Hand In Hand With Genius Hour

Enriching Students Staff2024-04-04T15:47:24-04:00

Passion is a crucial part of successful learning. Why? Because when students care about what they’re doing, their learning will improve. For one, it helps students to be more creative thinkers. They can find a purpose and gain confidence in their school experience -- something that may especially benefit [...]

How a Flex Block Goes Hand In Hand With Genius HourEnriching Students Staff2024-04-04T15:47:24-04:00

The Key to Differentiation in Competency Based Education: A Flexible Block Schedule

Ashley Mauger2020-09-01T07:32:20-04:00

If you’re in the education sphere, you've likely heard of competency based education. It’s been growing in popularity across the country, and rapidly becoming the focus of not only higher educational curriculum, but secondary schools as well. Competency based education focuses, not simply on grades, but outcomes based on actual [...]

The Key to Differentiation in Competency Based Education: A Flexible Block ScheduleAshley Mauger2020-09-01T07:32:20-04:00
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