Genius Hour Ideas for High School

Enriching Students Staff2023-07-10T16:14:41-04:00

The concept of a Genius Hour is often implemented seamlessly at the elementary school level, but is more challenging to figure out at the secondary level. High school teachers can successfully implement a Genius Hour if they have the right support, tools, and some effective ideas. Here are some [...]

Genius Hour Ideas for High SchoolEnriching Students Staff2023-07-10T16:14:41-04:00

Genius Hour, Reinvented

Ashley Mauger2022-05-02T09:58:40-04:00

Genius Hour isn't a new concept. Schools take roughly an hour and allow students to work on something they really want to work on. It may be easier to do this in elementary schools than middle or high schools, when students are taking so many classes, where do you [...]

Genius Hour, ReinventedAshley Mauger2022-05-02T09:58:40-04:00

5 Reasons Your School Should Consider a Flex Day

Ashley Mauger2022-04-25T13:05:23-04:00

What is the meaning of a ‘flex day’ in schools? A flex day is an entire school day dedicated to flexible learning time for students. This enables them to work independently, get extra help where they need it, and pursue enrichment projects. Many schools have a ‘flex block’, ‘activity [...]

5 Reasons Your School Should Consider a Flex DayAshley Mauger2022-04-25T13:05:23-04:00

Personalized Learning and Skilled Trades in the 21st Century

Ashley Mauger2020-09-01T07:30:18-04:00

In a highly tech-driven world, much emphasis is put on preparing students with job skills that will enable them to be adaptable and innovative, specifically in tech, math, and science fields. And looking forward in the 21st century, these job skills will certainly be necessary, as the pace of [...]

Personalized Learning and Skilled Trades in the 21st CenturyAshley Mauger2020-09-01T07:30:18-04:00
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