Reasons to Thank Our Teachers – 5 Reasons

Ashley Mauger2020-09-01T07:09:34-04:00

At Enriching Students, our aim to create tool that teachers can use easily and effectively to give students the daily help that they need. Why? Because teachers have a tough job, and one of the most important jobs on the planet. They provide children all over the world with [...]

Reasons to Thank Our Teachers – 5 ReasonsAshley Mauger2020-09-01T07:09:34-04:00

What We Learned — A Recap of SES16

Ashley Mauger2020-09-01T07:31:32-04:00

Our first ever conference has come and gone – and it was a fantastic experience! We met many inspirational teachers and school leaders from all over New England. Our presenters worked hard, and had so much to share! We were honored to have them come speak, and to host [...]

What We Learned — A Recap of SES16Ashley Mauger2020-09-01T07:31:32-04:00
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