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Response to Intervention Scheduling Software

What is Response to Intervention?

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a system of supports designed to ensure all students get the help they need. Picture it like a pyramid with three tiers. Tier 1 represents the base of the pyramid, the general instruction you would give to all of your students. Tier 2 is added, if necessary, by providing more targeted instruction to kids that need it. Tier 3 would be more intensive, personalized intervention for specific students. This system of support enables staff to give students the help they need to succeed academically.

Manage and Organize you RTI Time

To make this system efficient, having a tool to keep things organized is a huge time saver, allowing you to focus on helping students. With Enriching Students you can…

  • Schedule and assign students to specific interventions, or enrichment, in just a few clicks!
  • Keep track of where students are going, and take attendance
  • Override or lock appointments with students if needed
  • Schedule a group of students to one intervention
  • Schedule student for one day, or a repeating range of dates
  • Use reporting and analysis tools to see how and staff students are using this time

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Give Students the Help they Need

How can you successfully implement a response to intervention program? Another term for this time is a ‘flex block.’ Watch our video ‘How Can You Create a Flex Block?‘ to see how schools have made minor adjustments to their schedule to make this work. In addition ‘Why Create a Flex Block?‘ gives examples of success from real schools that have a daily flex block, or activity period.