30 Second Tutorial:

Detailed Tutorial:

We’ve provided a quick 30 second tutorial to help you see how to request or schedule an appointment, and a more in-depth video to help answer your questions. Watch the videos or scan the article below to learn how you can self-schedule or request appointments for your school’s flex time.

How to Get to the Page to Schedule Your Appointment

Depending on permissions at your school, you may be able to schedule yourself for flex time. Or, you may be able to request appointments with teachers. To this, you can select the ‘Open Schedule Today‘ link on the Scheduled Courses page for the date & flex period you want to be scheduled.

Or, you can select Schedule from the navigation.

How Do I Schedule Myself for Appointments?

On the Schedule page, first select the date that you want to be scheduled if it’s not already selected.

  • Next, you can choose the specific flex period you want to be scheduled in (if your school has more than one). Do this by selecting the green Periods button, and choosing a flex period from the list.
  • If you’re looking for a specific course, click the Departments button to filter your options by department.
  • If you click the Appointments button, you will see a list of appointment types you can choose from, to filter available courses by. These appointment types are created by your school. Some examples might be Intervention, Enrichment, Study Hall.

The Periods, Departments, and Appointments button all serve as filters to narrow down the options for available courses. For example, if you wanted to be scheduled to an Enrichment course that a Math teacher is having, you would select the Math department and Enrichment under Appointments.

If you know a teacher is offering a special activity that you want to join, select the Display Adjusted Offerings Only toggle. You will also see an option to toggle Hide Courses with No Available Seats on and off. It will be switched on by default.

Schedule or Request Your Appointment

Once you’ve made the selections you want, you can pick the course or activity you want. You will see these listed in the Courses box, along with the teacher of the course and the number of available seats.

You will either see a Request or Schedule button, depending on the permissions set by your school. Request means that the teacher will be notified that you want to be in their course, but they will have to schedule you. You can make multiple requests to different teachers for the same flex period. Your school may also require you to add a comment before you can submit a request, to briefly explain why you want to be scheduled to this course.

If you see a Schedule button instead of a Request button, this means you have permission to self-schedule. When you select this, you will be automatically scheduled into the course. Your school might require you to add a comment before you schedule yourself as well.

Sometimes you won’t be able to schedule yourself at all. When you go to the Schedule page, during specific dates or periods you might see the phrase ‘Your school has blocked this date and period‘. This means your school has blocked this date from scheduling. It could also say ‘You are scheduled for date and period and are unable to modify the appointment.’ This means you have been scheduled somewhere else by a teacher and aren’t able to schedule yourself for another course.

How Do I Know Where I’m Scheduled to Go?

The quickest way to know where to go during flex time is to login and view your Scheduled Courses page.  That is the first page you will see when you log in. Find the date and period you’re looking for, and you will see which course you are scheduled to for flex. Your school may also have teachers send out an email with your upcoming 5 day flex schedule, but logging in and checking is the best way to know where you need to go.

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