It’s that time of year!

We recently published a post about some back to school anxieties, and how teachers can help calm students nerves and get them back in to the school year swing. But it’s not all bad! Lots of students are excited to head back to school. We’ve interviewed a few and asked them “What are you excited about?”

We got answers from 7 different students, ages 9-16, about to head into the new school year. Some were just about bursting with excitement; others, a little apprehensive, until they remembered a specific class or subject that they were excited to explore. So, here are their responses!

What are you excited about for the new school year?

“Math and science. Because they’re fun. I like doing experiments. Last year I had to make a car seat for an egg.” – age 10

“I am excited to go back to school because I will learn new and awesome things and I could make new friends.” – age 11

“I look forward to going back to school because I like social studies. I like history and imagining what it would be like to live in the 1800s and imagining wagon trains. I also like kickball at my school.” – age 10

“I am excited to go back to school because it will be nice to learn new things, meet new teachers and students.” – age 13

“I’m excited for school because of my AVP (Audio video production) class. I love that AVP class because it’s almost like a free block to just learn stuff that you really like to do and probably want to do in the future. You learn all these different ways to use software to create and edit sounds, video, music, movies and much more. I also like the teacher. He’s very calm and basically is there to be a friend that helps you out and does different projects with you to help better understand what you’re doing.” – age 16

“Finding out who my new art teacher is going to be. I like art because it’s fun and lets you be creative with your mind.”  – age 10

“Being in the same class as my friends. And I’m excited about math because I like to add, subtract, multiply and divide.” – age 9

These are just a few; but likely, every student has something they’re looking forward to. When students find their passion in a subject, their eyes light up and they could go on and on about it. So, if you’re a teacher, what are you looking forward to? Maybe one thing is having the pleasure of teaching kids who themselves are excited to learn and grow. Best wishes for the new school year!

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