Competency-Based vs. Outcome-Based Education

Jeff Winget2024-03-14T11:19:11-04:00

As a new principal, I realized that I have a tragic flaw when it comes to leadership. To flip an old cliché, my issue is that I often don't see the trees for the forest. I am a big picture thinker to a fault. As a teacher, focusing on the [...]

Competency-Based vs. Outcome-Based EducationJeff Winget2024-03-14T11:19:11-04:00

Creating a Competency-Based Curriculum

Jeff Winget2023-08-23T09:40:16-04:00

On the first day of class every year, I have a student volunteer come up to the front of the classroom, and I teach them how to putt a golf ball. I use tape to put a straight line on my floor, and I demonstrate how it is possible [...]

Creating a Competency-Based CurriculumJeff Winget2023-08-23T09:40:16-04:00
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