Watch this short video, or read the user guide below to learn how to use the Scheduled Courses page.

Where Am I Supposed to Go During Flex Time?

The first page that you will see when you login is your current flex schedule, the Scheduled Courses page. This is sort of like your homepage, or dashboard. You can also access this page by selecting Scheduled Courses in the navigation. You will see each day of the week listed, starting from the current day.

Under each day, you will see your scheduled flex period. It will show the course and teacher you are scheduled to, as well as the location for that course (see circled in the image below). Your school may have more than one flex period. If you are not currently scheduled you’ll see linked text that reads: ‘Open Schedule for Today’.

Page Settings

  • You can change the date by selecting the calendar icon at the top of the page, and choosing the specific date you want from the popup calendar. Use the arrows on either side of the calendar to move forwards or backwards on day at a time.
  • Click the gear icon to change the number of days you want to view at once on this page.
  • To change from light to dark mode, click the sun icon at the top right of the page. Select the half moon icon to go back to light mode from dark mode.