At Enriching Students, our aim to create tool that teachers can use easily and effectively to give students the daily help that they need. Why? Because teachers have a tough job, and one of the most important jobs on the planet. They provide children all over the world with an education, and more. For many of us, there might be one teacher that stands out in our mind, a teacher that gave us the encouragement we needed, or maybe a teacher who challenged us to do more. Teachers do more than simply teach a curriculum – they impact how a child looks at the world, and themselves. Is there a teacher that has given you something special? At Enriching Students, we thought about the teachers we had, and what they did for us.  Here’s a few things we appreciate about our teachers!

1. Hard Work

First, we want to say ‘Thank You!’ for all of the hard work being done by teachers all over the world. It could certainly be said that teachers have one of the hardest jobs. They are constantly developing teaching skills, creating lesson plans, guiding students with questions, and doing their best to keep up with ever-changing technology and standards! In addition, they have to manage a class full of kids, and work to help each and every one of them. Saying it’s ‘hard work’ doesn’t seem to do them justice!

2. Giving of Themselves

A teacher’s job is to effectively impart knowledge, which involves constant effort and output. They spend their whole day dedicated to teaching their students, trying to help them learn in the best way they can. But there’s even more to it than that. Teachers guide, give advice, and oftentimes even give students help before and after school help, in additional to all the grading and planning they have to do! Their entire day is spent giving to others.

3. Encouragement

Who of us isn’t boosted when we hear a word of encouragement? It’s always nice to know that you have someone rooting for you. And when you’re really struggling, that ‘You can do it,’ or ‘Good job’ might just be enough to help you not give up. And that’s what teachers do for students, every day.

4. Inspiration

An inspiring teacher can move their students to do amazing things. Teachers who love what they do, and are passionate about what they teach are compelling. Their attitude rubs off on their students. Many teachers have been so inspirational that they’ve helped students find their passion, or want to learn about a subject they would have otherwise not been interested in.

5. Really Caring

Perhaps one of the most powerful qualities that teachers display is that they truly care about their students. They invest time into them, and they want them to succeed.  Teachers are an emotional support and ally to their students, and help them succeed more than just academically. Some of us may recall teachers in our life that didn’t just give up on us, didn’t just teach us what we needed to know and ignore us otherwise. They became a friend and mentor.

Picking just five reasons to thanks teachers doesn’t seem like enough. To all of us, who have had teachers impact our lives in a way that continues to benefit us, we want to say thank you, and keep doing the amazing work that you do!

Let’s build a path to close the learning gap and enrich students’ futures.