To view tasks connected to your team goals, select ‘Team Goals’ in the navigation. On this page click ‘Remaining tasks’ for a goal.

Here you can toggle between goal tasks that are active, or not complete, and Completed Goal Tasks. To edit a task, click the ‘Edit’ button next to its name. This will allow you to change the task name, who it’s assigned to, it’s due date, status, as well as the meeting, agenda item, and goal that is connected to. To mark a task as completed, click the checkmark next to its name under ‘To Do Item.’ Then you will see it listed when you toggle to Completed Goal Tasks.

To mark a completed task as active again, click the X next to it’s name. This will list it under Active Goal Tasks again.

To create a new task, select the Create New Task button. This will take you to a page where you can set up and assign a new task. Let’s add a new task for this Spring Music Festival Performance goal.

Choose a team member to assign the task to, add the name of the task, as well as the meeting and agenda item it is connected to. When you create a new task while viewing tasks for a specific goal, that goal will be automatically selected, you will be unable to change it unless you select a different goal. All fields are required. Once you have filled out all fields for the task, select ‘Save’.  This task will now be added to the Active Goals Tasks on the Task Assignments page. To go back to the Team Goals page, click ‘< Back to Team Goals,’ right above the Create New Task button.

When you add or complete tasks, you will notice that the percentage of completion for the goal will change. As tasks are checked off and completed for goals, you will see this percentage increase.

Now that you’ve seen how to create tasks for a goal, our next article will explain how to create a new team goal.