When you first log in to your account, the page you see is called the Dashboard. This page will show you your upcoming meetings and task assignments.

Along the left side of your screen in Enriching Teachers you will see the menu. We will briefly explain each page here. The ‘My Teams’ page shows all teams that you are assigned to. You are also able to create and edit new teams here, and add or edit teams norms.

Next you will see pages that display goals set by your District, School, or specific Teams. These pages each list the goals set as well as showing the current progress towards completion. As tasks related to these goals get checked off, the progress gets closer to 100% completion.

The Meetings page is where you will find all meetings that you are assigned to. You can create a new meeting here, as well as see upcoming meetings, and all past meetings displayed under ‘Historical Meetings.’ If you click the ‘Actions’ button next to a meeting, you will able to view the agenda for that meeting, and edit or cancel it.

If you are an admin, you will see the ‘Admin’ section as the next item listed on the menu. This page allows you to manage different functions within Enriching Teachers. You can manage Agenda Types, Staff, Students, Teams and various goals.

Lastly, you will see a ‘Help’ section. Clicking ‘Help’ will open our support desk in a new browser where you can search for documents to help with other features of Enriching Teachers. You can also view more help documents right here on Enriching Teachers University.

There are also two boxes on this page, Upcoming Meetings, and My Task Assignments. Let’s talk a little bit about them.

In the Upcoming Meetings box, you can see the name of the meeting, the date and time will take place, the team that will be attending, as the location, in this case room number, where it will take place. If you select ‘Actions’ next to a meeting, you will have the option to view the agenda.

Along the bottom of the box, you will see you have an option to set how many rows you would like to view at one time. If you have a lot of upcoming meetings, you could change this setting so you can view 20 rows instead of 10, for example. To navigate between sets of meetings you can view at one time, use these arrows. If you have around 20 meetings, and have rows set to 10, for example, you will have 2 ‘pages’ of meetings you can view in this box.

In the ‘My Task Assignments’ box, you will see all to-do items assigned to you. You will also see the date they were assigned, the team they are connected with, and their current status. If the task is connected to a school or district goal, you will see the goal listed there as well.

If you select ‘Actions’ next to a task assignment, you will have the option to start or close the task, add notes to the task or edit it. If you have completed a task, click the check mark next to it. If your task is connected to a goal, checking your task item off will bring that goal closer to completion. Just as with the Upcoming Meetings box, you can adjust how many rows you want to view, and navigate between sets of rows using the options at the bottom of the box.

You can create a new task and assign it to yourself, right from the dashboard. Click the ‘Create New Task’ button, and type in the name of the task, the meeting, team, and or goal it is connected to.

Choose a due date, save the task, and it will automatically be added to your ‘My Task Assignments’ box.