Adjust Course

The courses page allows you to adjust your course name and seat count by date. This could be referred to as creating a ‘special offering’, that is different from your regular subject matter course. Watch the video above to learn how to edit, edit, and delete adjusted courses. The video will also explain what happens when you create an adjusted course on a day when you have students scheduled to you. Navigate through the video using timestamps and learn about:

00:15 What are Courses in Enriching Students?

01:45 Set Default Appointment Type. Read the help article here.

02:09 How to Create an Adjusted Course Offering For a Single Date or Repeating Dates

05:06 What Does ‘Show All’ Mean?

05:24 Edit Adjusted Courses

05:58 How Adjusted Courses are Listed for the Same Day, Multiple Periods

06:16 Deleting an Adjusted Course for a Single Date, or Series

08:36 What happens if I create an adjusted course on a day I already have students scheduled to me?

You can also read about Courses in our help article Understanding Courses in Enriching Students. and To learn how to adjust a course, or create a special offering, check out the article Create Special Course Offerings. You can add a Zoom or Google Meet link to your course on this page as well, which can be helpful for virtual meetings. To learn how to use this feature, read Meeting Links: Zoom and Google.

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