Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard page gives you a general overview of what courses and appointments you have for the week. It allows you to take attendance, view any struggling students you have assigned to you, and more. This video will explain the main features of the dashboard page. To learn more about the Dashboard page check out the help article Overview of the Dashboard. Find the answer to How Do I Know Who’s Scheduled to See Me?, and learn how to Create a Roster Group from the Dashboard, and Notify Students from the Dashboard.

Video Summary

  • What is the purpose of the dashboard? – 0:23
  • School messages – 0:27
  • Your schedule for the week – 0:33
  • Begin view of schedule on a different date – 0:40
  • Take attendance – 1:03
  • Struggling students – 1:06
  • Adjusted courses – 1:39

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