‘Student Comments’ is a feature that allows you or other staffers to add comments to a note about a student in your group. This tool was designed to improve communication in discussions about students. When one staff member adds a note about a student, perhaps that they’re struggling in a class, other staff members in the team can comment their own observations, perhaps things they know of that are contributing factors to the student’s performance. Here’s how to add a comment.

First, go to the ‘My Teams’ page in the navigation. Find the team whose student group you want to view. Select the three dots next to the team name and choose ‘View Students’. On this page, find the student you want, select the three dots next to their name and choose ‘View Student Notes.’

The Student Notes page allows you to see any notes currently made about this student. Currently, you can see that there are 0 comments for the note in the image below.

To comment on a note, select the speech bubble icon.

This will take you to the Student Comments page. You will see the student, and the note you are going to add comments for at the top of the page.

To add a student comment, click the green ‘Add Student Comment’ button. Type the student comment in the box provided, and click ‘Save.’


Once you or another staff member saves a comment, you will be taken back to the Student Notes page where you will see your comment.

If you select the three dots listed with the comment, you will have the option to edit the comment or delete it.

Every time a new comment is added, each team member will receive an email notification that a comment was made. To go back to the Student Notes page, select ‘Go Back to Student Notes page’ in the top right of the screen.