In this section we’re going to discuss team goals. In the PLC process team goals are often related to the specific group of students that a team is assigned to. 

To view your team’s goals, or create a new goal, select ‘Team Goals’ in the navigation.

On this page you will see all current goals listed with their current state of progress towards completion. First, let’s talk about what you can see with the current goals.

Each goal listed will be displayed with the team it is assigned to, the name of the goal, the target date for completion, a description of the goal, and how many tasks remain in order for the goal to be completed. 

There is an ‘Actions’ button next to each listed goal, which will give you a few options. It enables you to complete, delete, or edit the goal. 

You can ‘Complete’ the goal which will mark it as 100% complete even if tasks are not checked off. You can ‘Delete’ the goal, which will remove the goal and all of its tasks. Next, we’ll take a look at how to edit the goal.