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We believe in making Middle and High Schools a success by effectively using Flex or WIN (What I Need) Time. These special “Flex Periods” are important for student growth. At Enriching Students, we’re here to help schools use Flex effectively. Let’s work together on a Flex Period Schedule that boosts learning and helps students thrive.

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Understanding Flex and WIN Time

What is it and Why does it matter?

Flex or WIN Time is a special period built within your schools bell schedule. It’s a time set aside just for students and teachers to focus on specific things, like getting extra help or diving deeper into a subject they love. It matters because it gives schools the flexibility to shape the student earning experience and helps teachers tailor support to student needs.

Different ways schools use Flex Time

Schools may develop their own unique styles for using Flex Blocks or WIN Time. Some might use this time for course-specific extra help/support, while others focus on group projects, passion projects, or clubs. Understanding how your school uses this time helps everyone get the most out of it. It’s like having a customized learning plan that fits your school’s goals.

Why it’s Awesome

Flex or WIN Time is awesome because it’s all about making a student’s education work best for their unique needs. It’s a chance to explore, ask questions, and get support in a way that suits them. Whether students are interested in science experiments, art projects, or need help with homework, this Time is designed to help students succeed and enjoy the learning journey.

Challenges and Opportunities

Importance of Coaching

Coaching plays a pivotal role in elevating the success of a Flex Block or WIN Time, turning this into a transformative experience for both students and educators. We believe in the power of coaching to amplify the benefits of this dedicated time. Here’s why coaching matters:

Embrace the transformative potential of coaching with Reimagining Time®, and let us guide your school towards unlocking the full benefits of a flexible schedule.

Meet Your Coaches

Aaron LaMontagne

John Gerken
Coaching/FlexTime Strategist

Our Coaching Approach

Our coaching approach is all about collaboration, support, and growth. We work closely with school administrators, teachers, and students to create a tailored plan that fits the unique needs of each learning environment. Our friendly and experienced coaches believe in fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels empowered to make the most of the flex period. With years of experience and passion about the power of flex, we guide schools on a journey of continuous improvement, ensuring that every student thrives during this dedicated learning period. Let’s build success together!

How to Get Started

Ready to transform your school’s Flex Block or WIN Time into a dynamic hub of Learning, Collaboration and success? Getting started with Reimagining Time® Coaching is as easy as reaching out!

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