Controlling Enriching Students application settings and managing user accounts is easy as a site admin. A site admin account in Enriching Students allows a user to set controls such as enabling or disabling student self-scheduling and setting the graduation year. Admins can also manage staff and student accounts, access all reports and data analysis, and import data. Learn more about Enriching Students admin account features below!


Manage Staff & Students

Manage teachers, students, substitutes, departments and more!

  • Add or edit staff/students
  • Add and edit substitute accounts
  • Import grades
  • Export appointment data
  • Manage school flex periods


Admin Reports

Set controls that allow for some reports to only be run by users set as admins.

  • Manage reports available to staff, and run admin-specific reports.
  • Manage which reports are available to all students
  • Set some reports as admin-only
  • View what email are sent in a specific date range


Account Settings

Manage basic settings for your school’s Enriching Students account, like:

  • School-wide messaging
  • Edit attendance/appointment type names
  • Block dates from the school calendar
  • Schedule all students in a single grade

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