About Us

Why not?

That was the question Brian Pickering, the principal of Conval Regional High School asked himself when a student was requesting to see a teacher during their school advisory. She was a high achieving student, and yet, when she needed some extra assistance within the school day, it seemed there was no time for her to get it. She couldn’t get to school any earlier, and her after school hours were filled with extracurricular activities. The staff at ConVal began to think more about how they were serving their students. Why couldn’t students see the teachers they needed to during the school day?

We were asked to develop an application that could help ConVal to implement a flexible schedule, one that allowed students to go where they needed to in order to receive extra help, or enrichment opportunities. We created Enriching Students, a web-based application that enables schools to provide students with the personalized attention they need, within the school day. Really, it’s about helping schools make the most of the time they have.

The results have been fantastic. We’re currently working with schools across the country. Schools that use a Response to Intervention (RTI) model, advisory blocks, or other flex block schedules have been able to vastly improve student achievement and enrichment. Teachers can give students the help and one-on-one attention they need in order to be successful. Overall, the curriculum becomes personalized to student needs, and school culture improves.

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