Why Create a Flex Block?

Learn about Flex Blocks in school schedules, and why your school should consider creating one.

Flex Blocks: What are they, and why create one?

What exactly is a Flex Block? It’s a flexible time period during the school day that schools use to helps students get what they need. Depending on your school, you may know a ‘flex block’ by different names. Some might know it as a Flex Period, Advisory, Enrichment Block, Activity Period, WIN (What I Need) Time, or another name unique to your school.

Why create a Flex Block in your school’s schedule? To ensure that every student gets the personalized education they deserve. It’s not an easy task. But personalized learning for secondary students is so important as they learn and grow into adults. Not only do Middle and High School students need academic support, they need emotional support as well. Data shows that they need to be able to explore their passions and grow. Many schools across the country have successfully provided interventions and enrichment opportunities for their students by adding a flexible block of time to their schedule.

How can it be used? Watch the video above as we take a look at why creating a Flex Block is such a good idea. You’ll see statistics and examples from real schools and educators, about how adding a Flex Block to their schedule has enriched the lives of countless students.