Privacy & Data Policy

We do not provide access to your data by any third party applications, nor is it shared or sold to anyone else. Student data is not mined or used by any other applications created by Interval Technology Partners, nor is it mined for any marketing purposes. Your data is your data. It will not be released without authorization. Your data is only accessible to users assigned to your private account and by the Enriching Students administrative team. It is also important for you to understand that your student data is accessible to anyone whom you give access to for your account. This includes teachers, para professionals and administrators. If you provide a person a user login they will have access to see every students schedule, grades (if you import them) and personal information (name, grade, email address, etc.). We DO NOT ask for, nor do we store a student's social security number.

Security Features

We have established multiple security measures to ensure that your data remains secure. Here is an outline the steps we have taken:

  • All communication to the site is done via SSL, so all communication is encrypted
  • We follow OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) recommendations regarding data input into the application. No data is sent directly to the database.
  • All data is parameterized first, preventing any type of SQL Injection Attacks.
  • Passwords stored on the site are stored using industry best practices.
  • All passwords are encrypted and each password is salted diferently. This means that, even if two individuals enter the same password, it will be encrypted diferently because each is salted diferently, making it much harder to crack passwords.
  • An account is locked out after three unsuccessful login attempts.
  • There is a small use of cookies on the site. The site is confgured so that the cookies are only available via HTTPS.