Genius Hour Ideas for High School


The concept of a Genius Hour is often implemented seamlessly at the elementary school level, but is more challenging to figure out at the secondary level.  High school teachers can successfully implement a Genius Hour if they are armed with the right support, tools, and some effective ideas.  Here [...]

Genius Hour Ideas for High School2022-04-25T12:51:47-04:00

Flexible High School Schedule Examples


Walk into a typical high school, and you see students hustling from class to class. With a traditional high school schedule, students may have seven classes at a time. That's sort of like having seven different bosses.High school is hard enough without the constant ringing of bells, causing the entire [...]

Flexible High School Schedule Examples2022-04-27T08:46:10-04:00

All About Flex Time in Schools


Flex time is a flexible period of time in a school schedule where students can get what they need, when they need it. It empowers teachers to give students what they really need -- time, during the school day. Flex time usually lasts for 30-45 minutes. However, it can [...]

All About Flex Time in Schools2022-04-20T13:41:37-04:00

PLCs and Flex Time: A Strategy to Meet the Needs of All Students


A flex period, also referred to as a flex block, activity period, WIN time, advisory (and more), is something many schools have added or are thinking about adding to their school schedule. Why? Flex periods allow teachers to give students time, for extra help, remediation, intervention, enrichment, genius hour, [...]

PLCs and Flex Time: A Strategy to Meet the Needs of All Students2021-07-26T18:09:59-04:00

Intervention and Enrichment Ideas


-- Trent C, Grade 9 FLT is the name of a flexible block program at a high school in New Hampshire that allows students to have time in the school day for intervention and enrichment. This time gives students a voice and boosts academic achievement and overall social-emotional [...]

Intervention and Enrichment Ideas2020-09-03T14:24:08-04:00

Getting the Most Out of Your Activity Period


What is an 'Activity Period'? Many schools have added an 'activity period' to their daily schedule schedule. What is it? An activity period is a flexible period of time during the school day, often used for enrichment activities, or extra help. But is there more you can do with [...]

Getting the Most Out of Your Activity Period2020-09-01T07:13:27-04:00
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