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A Guide to School Schedules During COVID-19


School schedules are what we like to talk about at Enriching Students, especially those that are flexible, adaptable to student needs, and a little on the less-traditional side. But as schools move ahead to the 2020-2021 school year, things are looking a whole lot less traditional. And that’s an [...]

A Guide to School Schedules During COVID-192020-07-13T09:28:13-04:00

5 Tips for Building a Flexible School Schedule This Year


What will school look like in the fall? What will school look like after coronavirus? These questions have been on our minds, and likely, as a teacher or school administrator, they’ve been on yours too. The truth is, we don’t know what school is going to look like. As [...]

5 Tips for Building a Flexible School Schedule This Year2020-07-15T16:40:24-04:00

How to Teach Empathy


Sometimes, it might seem like we live in a world that lacks empathy. If you’re a high school or middle school teacher, you may have noticed that teenagers and young adults are especially susceptible. It’s normal for teens to be self-focused. They’re growing into adults, [...]

How to Teach Empathy2020-04-17T09:07:02-04:00

What Intervention Looks Like, Remotely


You sit at a table with your colleagues after school and review the data, identifying what type of interventions the students in your group need. You identify the types of support they need, how that support will be administered, and think about how to provide enrichment, too. A plan in [...]

What Intervention Looks Like, Remotely2020-04-17T09:04:36-04:00

Helping Students Cope with a Global Crisis


Right now the present and the future are both scary. They’re scary for parents and teachers, for the scientists, healthcare workers and volunteers, for the government officials and the people in charge. By now the phrase “we’re building the plane as we’re flying it” has become a pretty common one. [...]

Helping Students Cope with a Global Crisis2020-04-17T09:05:53-04:00