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HB 4545 Texas: A Guide for Schools


Texas HB 4545 is directly related to education, and how schools in Texas meet student needs. It requires that students receive extra help in areas they are struggling in. This article will help educators get the facts on HB 4545 in Texas, and find resources the will support them [...]

HB 4545 Texas: A Guide for Schools2022-06-05T17:09:05-04:00

Managing Accelerated Learning Committees


For students who are in grades 3, 5, or 8 and have not passed reading or math in their STARR assessments, HB 4545 requires that they take part in accelerated learning committees. An accelerated learning committee includes staff members, and the student and parent or guardian if possible. Their [...]

Managing Accelerated Learning Committees2023-02-01T10:02:13-05:00

Tracking Accelerated Instruction


For Texas Districts trying to meet the requirements of House Bill 4545, a key element is for students in accelerated instruction to have 30 hours of instruction in the subject they struggled in. We’ve talked about how schools can create time for accelerated instruction, and how to schedule students, but [...]

Tracking Accelerated Instruction2021-09-29T08:44:45-04:00

Scheduling Students for Accelerated Instruction


Accelerated instruction requires that any students in grades 3-12 who did not score at least Approaches on their STARR assessment or End of Course (EOC) exam receive intervention support in groups of up to 3. However, with parent approval some schools may receive a waiver and that number can be [...]

Scheduling Students for Accelerated Instruction2021-09-20T17:06:34-04:00

Creating Time for Accelerated Instruction


Under Texas House Bill 4545, it’s required that schools have an instructional plan to meet the needs of each student. This includes not only academically, but emphasizes their social-emotional needs as well. For schools, this will mean that time needs to be spent with each student, or perhaps a [...]

Creating Time for Accelerated Instruction2022-11-17T11:03:52-05:00
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