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Simple SEL Strategies


I made a few promises to myself when I became an administrator: find opportunities to teach regularly, really listen to teachers to involve them heavily in the decision making process, and remember that education is a relationship business at its core. I had seen too many good teachers go into [...]

Simple SEL Strategies2023-03-16T16:56:53-04:00

What is the Purpose of Advisory in Schools?


If you work in public education, or have a child attending a public school, you likely have experience with advisory. Unfortunately, like many buzzwords in public education, the advisory period sometimes gets turned into study hall, tutoring, or a free-for-all. While these are all valid options for students, they [...]

What is the Purpose of Advisory in Schools?2022-11-28T16:35:22-05:00

High School Advisory Program Models


Many high schools have an advisory period, but are there high school advisory program models that can help your school make advisory more effective? Below we'll examine what advisory is, what it can be used for, how you can structure it within your high school schedule, and what will [...]

High School Advisory Program Models2022-05-17T10:15:21-04:00

Effective School Staff Meetings


As a school administrator, how can you create effective school staff meetings? Likely, you’ve been in all kinds of meetings -- some productive and even inspiring, others...not so much. What makes a great staff meeting? We’d love to hear your thoughts! We’ve collected a list of eight things that [...]

Effective School Staff Meetings2022-06-26T17:17:13-04:00

What it Means to Be a Good Digital Citizen


You can do whatever you want. And so can your students. In the physical world, and the digital world. Of course, our actions have consequences. This can be a little easier to see in the physical world -- for example, you can drive 30 miles over the speed limit [...]

What it Means to Be a Good Digital Citizen2020-09-03T14:24:09-04:00

Good School Culture Starts with Staff


Do as I say, not as I do, generally doesn’t go over well when you’re tying to lead others. What does work well is setting a good example. People will be more likely to do what you ask of them if it’s something you do yourself. People talk a [...]

Good School Culture Starts with Staff2020-09-01T07:05:21-04:00

5 More Reasons for a Flex Block


One of our previous posts looked at 5 ways adding a flexible block to your school schedule can benefit students. But there are so many reasons; we couldn’t just stop there! Here are 5 more reasons for a Flex Block, mostly focused on how a flex block can add [...]

5 More Reasons for a Flex Block2020-09-01T07:18:30-04:00
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