Different Types of Flexible Schedules

Are you considering adding a flex block/activity period to your school schedule? If so, how can you make it work? The idea of adding an extra block to an already busy schedule might seem like it's going to be a lot of extra work for staff. But it really doesn't have to be. By making minor adjustments, many schools have successfully implemented a flexible block. There are so may different options as well. Depending on a school's vision, how they schedule flexible time may differ. Really, this is a model that can work in any school. Check out the different schedule types found in schools that we work with below!

A 4x4 Block Schedule

The traditional four block schedule is used in many high schools. When adding a flex block, some schools have just shaved about 8 minutes, give or take, off of each block. This way, students are missing minimal class time, and still have a substantial ammount of time for a flex block.

A Rotating Schedule

A rotating schedule might be more complicated to get started, but gives students so many options. A flex block may be held on different days, alternating with advisory or a block with a specified purpose. This can be especially useful for schools that have a lot of students.

A/B Block Schedule

Another option is to schedule two different lengths of time for your flex block. Some schools might call these 'A/B' days -- a similar approach to a rotating schedule, but maybe a little simpler. In this type of schedule, one day the flex block might be shorter, the next a longer ammount of time. This can work with any schedule, whether a four block, eight period, etc. Time is taken from each block to form the flexible block.

A Multiple Period Flex Block

Some schools split their flex block into multiple periods.This could be two, three, or even more multiple periods. Often, one of these periods are used for lunch, and the others  are used as flex blocks, either for enrichment or intervention activites.

Even if your current schedule model isn't listed here, you can probably find a way to incorporate a flexible block into your current schedule, with minimal impact on the rest of your schedule. To learn more about how to create a flex block, watch our video to the left of this page in the box 'How Can You Create Flex Block?'.