Growth Mindset

The Roadblocks to a Growth Mindset

Ashley Mauger2020-09-01T07:04:36-04:00

I recently stumbled across an amazing video, “Growth Mindset Animation.” The video compares a growth mindset and fixed mindset to the story of the tortoise and the hare. It defines a fixed mindset as the belief that your abilities and talents are ingrained traits. Someone with a fixed mindset [...]

The Roadblocks to a Growth MindsetAshley Mauger2020-09-01T07:04:36-04:00

How Can You Avoid Frustrating Your Students?

Ashley Mauger2020-09-01T07:35:42-04:00

What is education really about? Test scores and letter grades? Sometimes it certainly seems that way. But looking forward, there are a lot of positive changes being made -- or talked about. Sometimes talk of education reform may get away from what's actually important: the students. Kids will rely [...]

How Can You Avoid Frustrating Your Students?Ashley Mauger2020-09-01T07:35:42-04:00
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