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Student Scheduling Software


A flex time scheduling, attendance, and reporting tool for:

FLEX Periods • Enrichment • Intervention • SEL • WIN Time • Genius Hour • Extra Help

Why Choose
Enriching Students®?

Who Uses
Enriching Students®?

  • High Schools

  • Middle Schools

  • Private Schools

  • Charter Schools

  • Academies

Enriching Students® is a student scheduling software tool. It helps educators schedule students for enrichment and intervention, during the school day.

All students need opportunities for to explore their interests, receive extra help, and SEL supports. But it can be difficult for teachers to find the time to give them what they need.

A flex period is a great way to give students time to get what they need. What is a flex period? It’s a flexible, built-in period of time during the school day. It is sometimes called a flex block, student support time, activity period, W.I.N. time, and more. To learn about flex periods and why they are so effective, watch the video Why Create a Flex Block?

Enriching Students® is a student scheduling tool to help manage this time. With it, teachers can schedule students to different courses to get the help they need. This allows for complete organization of your school’s schedule.

Our student scheduling software can help your school reimagine its schedule. Empower teachers to give student what they really need – time.

This software works with all major Student Management Systems, making the process of importing and managing data easy! In addition, with Enriching Students® you can…

  • Schedule any student
  • Allow students to self-schedule
  • Create custom enrichment offerings
  • Quickly take attendance
  • Track student attendance and appointment usage
  • Use a variety of reporting options

…and more!

Imagine a flexible daily schedule with Teachers and Students completely in sync.

Your Students Are Priceless

When they don’t succeed, you suffer, the community suffers, & most of all, the students suffer.
There’s no need to roll the dice with your students’ future. Schedule time with students to give them your very best.

The future of flexible student schedule management is now.

Even More Reasons to Love Enriching Students®


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