The ‘Messages’ section of your Enriching Students account allows you to view and mark as read school-wide messages. These messages will have been sent out school-wide for teacher and/or students, and may include information about assemblies, special course offerings, schedule changes and more. If there is a new message, you will see this notification at the top of your login page, as pictured below.

To view your messages, you can select the notofication bell, or select ‘Messages,’ from the menu.

On this page you will see a section for new and old messages.

Once you read the message and select ‘Mark as Read,’ you the notification will disappear from the top of your screen, and the message will now be in the ‘Old’ section on the Messages page.

That’s all there is to it! This is a great way to keep track of upcoming activities and events happening during your school’s flex time.